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A dynamic portfolio of global brands and strong relationships within the industry ensure long-term growth for O5 Apparel, a privately-owned fashion powerhouse headquartered in NYC.

Our leadership and focus on design and product development fuel the business and drive results. We are committed to operational excellence, which includes but is not limited to production, sourcing and logistics.


With more than 40 years in the industry, O5 Apparel, formerly known as Oved Five Star Apparel, is a trusted partner and leader in the apparel sector. 


Experienced in-house talent creates Men's and Women’s outerwear, activewear, sportswear, jeans, pajamas and loungewear, as well as Childrenswear and Layette, found across multiple tiers of retail distribution.

O5 Apparel Corporate social responsibility
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We are looking for great talent to join our team, learn about job opportunities at O5 Apparel.


Isaac Oved

Isaac Oved


David Oved

David Oved

Chief Executive Officer

Ronnie Oved

Ronnie Oved

President, Oved Apparel

Mike Oved

Mike Oved

President, Operations

Albert Pardo

Albert Pardo

President, Five Star Apparel

Fritz Winans

President, Chief Operating Officer

Eric Spiel

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Olivero

Chief Information Officer

Larry Turkel

Chief Administrative Officer

Marsha​ Sokolovskaya

Chief Strategy & Production Officer

Sharmila Makker

Chief Sourcing & Production Officer

Morris Dabah

President, Amazon

Sam Ashkenazie

President, E-Comm

David Franco

President, Active House

Isaac Saide

President, Five Star Kids

Morris J Dabah

President, Team Licensed Apparel & Infant/Toddler

Drilona Saliu

EVP, Finance

Isadore Pardo

VP, Sleepwear / Lounge

Toinette Duboski

EVP, Product Integrity & Corporate Governance

Gloria Boneta

HR / Head of Talent

Bipin Patel

SVP, Information Systems Applications

Bin Fang

Director, IT


Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We at O5 Apparel view this as a multi-pronged effort, covering economic, social and environmental aspects.

O5 Apparel Corporate social responsibility
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O5 Apparel leader in the apparel sector
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