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$150,000 to Hurricane Maria victims

In response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria, The Oved Group and Five Star Apparel have made an in-kind donation of $150,000+ to meet the immediate needs of the survivors of the storm.

$150,000 to Hurricane Maria Victims

Maria was a powerful storm that has disrupted lives in Puerto Rico and many nearby islands. People are still without power and there are no clear estimates of how long it will take for power to get back up and running. Some estimates put the timeline at as long as six months. Aid is lagging or nonexistent in small towns where bridges collapsed and roads have disappeared under mudslides and debris. Many do not have clean water, and roads in many areas remain impassible.

The hardships people are facing are hard to fathom. Many people have lost everything. We wanted to do what we could to help them get back on their feet,” said Ronnie Oved.


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