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Helping ones in need during winter

There is no wrong time to help people in need. Winter without a warm coat is brutal when the temperatures drop. O5 Apparel (former 5 Star Apparel) Coat Drive spearheaded by Chandresh Shah donated 60 jackets to Humbled By Your Service, a group of concerned individuals helping men, women, and children in need from delivering food and PPE to the front liners at the hospitals and nursing homes during lockdown to water drives and collections for the food pantry, providing brand new winter coats to keep few of them warm this season, helping a church with children supplies like gloves, hats, diapers, coats, and jackets.

"Thanks to all who donated we surpassed our goal. What a wonderful feeling. Thank you to 5 Star Apparel for donating 60 jackets. They say when you do noble work, the universe aligns to help you and that’s what happens in every mission. We are thankful, humbled, grateful, and blessed. Stay warm everyone", announced Humbled By Your Service on their Instagram.


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